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Groundworks Architects are specialists in the deign of ultra low energy buildings. We advocate a “Fabric First “ approach where we design the thermal envelope to be as well insulated, and air tight as possible. We typically aim for u-values at 1.0 W/m2oK for walls floor and ceilings, and air tightness values as low as 1m3/hr/sq.m. Our Low energy houses typically have:

  • Super insulated walls, floors and roofs
  • Very air tight construction
  • Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery
  • Utilise a ground or air source heat pump for space heating where required
  • Incorporate a photovoltaic array for on site electricity generation
  • Incorporate solar water heating panels, to reduce water heating costs.
  • Passive Solar heating through large South facing windows
  • Triple glazed window systems
  • Use of timber frame and timber cladding, as a conscious environmental choice.
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